All my love and support to Math and Family

I knew Rae for many years, all the way back to some of the early PSG days.  My fondest memories of her include; her work and classes on meditation, the workshop I taught with her on handfastings at PPD, her craftshop at an RCGI event on miniature art and Goddess doll making, her political activism and her work in both interfaith and intra-faith.  I honored her outspoken ways AND her willingness to change her mind when given cause.  I identified with her feminist lifestyle and beliefs and her advocacy for prison rights, in fact, I identified with her advocacy for all who are oppressed by the system of class-ism, and all “isms”.

I also loved her art, was the recipient of her hospitality on numerous occasions, and appreciated her fine mind and greatly appreciated that she “walked between the tribes”, as I have been called to do.

I did not hear of her death until Thursday evening, due to not checking my email because of my own bout with the flu.  It was a very unhappy shock for me.

I will cherish what I learned from her and hold you, her closest friends and family in my heart during these hard times.

Many blessings and all my love,

Mari Powers

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