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Home Made Magic and the Art of Domestic Objects

Please contact W. Math Heinzel with inquiries or offers.



Type Title Price / notes
Rotunda Lobby
Tree Guadaloupe $1000
Cauldron Age of Water:Continuity NFS, c W. Math Heinzel
Cauldron Age of Fire: Transformation NFS, c Helen Klebesadel
Cauldron Age of Earth: Regeneration NFS,
Broom Ghost Broom $200.
Broom Ancient Wisdom Strikes NFS,
Broom Sky Broom The Sky-sweeper $500
Broom Serpentine Sheddings /Visceral Wisdom NFS, c John Heinzel
Gallery 1
Broom Inspirational Simplicity $600
Copper Schoolhouse Quilts $250
Cabinet From the Age of Confusion: Ancient Mother, Modern Lies $1,000
Broom Sensuous Successions $450
Clay untitled clay faces $250
Weavings Untitled Card Weaving Triptych NFS
Glass Tryptic Maiden, Mother, Crone $300
Broom Sweep of the Milky Way NFS, c Bankston/Thomas,
Copper Untitled 4 elemental candle-holders $150
Ceramic Plate Wheel of the Year $100
Cabinet Bridget: Lady of Faith Lady of Infamy NFS,
Mirror/Bronze Mirror Of Death  Mirror Of Life $1,000
Glass – oak mounts untitled glass faces $150
Time Capsule Hallway
Broom Hecate’s Sickle NFS,  c Helen Klebesadel
Broom Egypt Remembered NFS,  c Mary & Rob Dumlao
Broom Corn Broom  Broom Corn $ 550
Broom Witch’s Broom Borealis $ 1,500
Broom Age of Union:Passion Play Sweeping Romance / Commitment NFS
Wood Lady of Choice: Goddess of the Crossroads $500
Broom Honeysuckle Dreams $500
Rotunda Studio
Broom The Witch is  Free NFS, c Casey Heinzel
Glass/Copper Untitled (hands cupping central core) $200
Yurt Ancestress’ Breath: in-spired, in-shrined, in-delibly mine NFS c Math Heinzel
Cabinet From the Age of Control: With Respect To The Whore Of Babylon NFS,  c Helen Klebesadel
Mirror/Bronze Classical Proportions Narrow Perspective $900
Broom Totem Series:  Spiritus Muliebris: volutum per aspicio paternus $1,500
Cabinet From the Age of Consciousness  CAGED HEAT $3,400
Broom Celtic Totem $2,500
Broom In Honor of Cinderella NFS,  c Beverly Gordon
Rotunda Stage stairwell
Bronze Broom Age of Community:Cooperation NFS
Rocker Fat Girls Like to Rock, Too (rocking chair) NFS

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