Natural Passings:

Greening the End of Life

Saturday March 28th, 2008

7:00pm to 9:00pm

A Panel Discussion on the ethical choices we may each be called upon to make during our lifetime, for ourselves or those we care for.


Join Kevin W. Corrado , LCSW, of the Trust for Natural Legacies. Kevin has been a medical social worker for over 27 years, and works with many families in end of life situations, in an intensive care unit. Before Kevin dies, he wants to participate in the creation of the first green cemetery in Wisconsin . He will speak of theTrust for Natural Legacies (TNL) mission to advance the local Green Burial movement, present the history behind conventional burials in the U.S. and TNL's vision for a more sustainable and spiritually-fulfilling option that honors the true cycles of life and death.


Amanda Conway , of Cress Funeral Home and Cremation Society, will discuss their progress in integrating a green emphasis with Cress' family-friendly suite of services, which honor traditions of all faiths, denominations, and ethnic groups. Cress is committed to the funeral profession and to the community, Behind that commitment is a passion to learn, to inform, and to collaborate with other community services to work towards strong relationships, an understanding of community needs, and ways to contribute to society. Cress has spacious, comfortable funeral homes in seven convenient locations, many offer unique features such as community rooms, kitchens, children's rooms, and resource libraries.


The Natural  Passings Collective - a grassroots organization dedicated to re-educating ourselves and our community on our legal right to care for a loved one when they die.  Our mission is to provide information and support for those in our community who wish to care for their dead at home and/or want a home or family directed funeral.  As a group we have no religious affiliation.

We are here to assist any and all who are interested, regardless of cultural, economic, religious or spiritual perspective.  On this evening's panel, members of the collective will provide information on your legal rights and a brief primer on the care and keeping of a body.


This Panel is Free and Open to the public, it will be held at:

McKay Center Auditorium
UW Arboretum  (map)
1207 Seminole Hwy
Madison, WI


Download and print Poster ( PDF, 900KB)

This is a Public presentation embedded in the “Natural Passings: Reclaiming the End of Life” weekend workshop on Death, Dying and Burial, covering topics of green burials, ethical wills, home funerals, options for funeral ceremonies and alternative ways of interring our loved ones.

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