Your Weekend Facilitators:


Charlene Elderkin is a co-founder of the Threshold Care Circle of Viroqua WI . Formed in 2006, TCC's mission is to provide educational materials and support for those individuals and families who wish to care for their dead at home and carry out a home or family-directed funeral. TCC has published a planning guide, Final Wishes.

Math Heinzel has degrees in education, social studies, forestry and environmental studies. He has studied permaculture, sustainability in both forestry and agriculture, landscape ecology, gardening, intentional community, group process, physics/chaos theory/mathematics, and most things computer related. He trained and worked as a woodworker/furniture maker in the Amana Colonies in Iowa and has remodeled various houses and buildings and constructed furniture for homes since childhood. His two sons have gone on to be a restoration contractor and a chainmail artist.

Rain Gaia is an ordained Wiccan minister who comes to this work thru her service to the women's community. She specializes in rites of passage following the cycles of the earth. In addition, she studies sacred art and altars, organic gardening and herbalism.

The Other Participants in a workshop on death, dying and internment, we are all experts. Each person attending has been touched/impacted by death and will offer their knowledge and expertise to the group. We will make time for story sharing along with the hard core learning and skill enhancement that this workshop will offer. Each of us will also have some time for self reflection on why we want to gain more knowledge in this area and as a group we'll explore strategies to help us move forward in this work in a healthy and positive way.

There is a place for everyone at this workshop; bringing your experiences, philosophies and beliefs with you. Come prepared to share, encourage and inspire and to be informed, empowered and inspired.

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