Natural Passings: Reclaiming the End of Life

March 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2009

Pre-Registration Form

Please copy and complete a pre-registration for each person attending


___ Yes! I will be attending this grassroots weekend workshop on Death, Dying and Burial, I plan to come prepared to be informed, empowered and inspired and hope to share, encourage and inspire others as well.


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The entire weekend, including 4 meals and materials, will cost $60.00

Make Checks Payable to:

Simple Wisdom Sanctuary

3529 Lucia Crest

Madison WI 53705

Please pay in full with this pre-registration form.

Every attempt has been made to keep this workshop affordable. Contact us if you would like to attend, but find the registration fee a burden.

Registration fees are to cover materials, printing, food, site and equipment costs. The panelists, facilitators and presenters, have generously donated their time and expertise. We wish to thank the Trust for Natural Legacies, UW Arboretum, and Cress Funeral and Cremation Services for their help.

___ Please send info regarding the Dust to Dust Coffin Building Workshop.