Looking for Beech wood

Rae had asked Casey to make a beechwood bench in her memory, for folks to sit at at her grave, if they like.  Does anyone viewing this know of a dying Beech tree, or a log, or some lumber we can get.  Beech (genus Fagus) is not common around here, more back East.  We will find something, I’m sure, but one way is to ask…

3 Responses to “Looking for Beech wood”

  1. Ken Hahn says:

    Woodworkers Supply in Madison will have or can get beech. They’re located off of Fish Hatchery Road, south of the beltline. Mark Oliva, the owner, is very helpful.

  2. debi says:

    I can put the word out to my woodworker friends…

  3. Crispina Heinzel Miceli says:

    There is a place north of Racine at 7 Mile Road called Kettle Moraine Hardwoods, it is just before Milwaukee on the left side of the Freeway that specializes in exotic or non-traditional woods. We bought a good lot of maple to make a custom counter a couple of years ago. They will supply it as rough or finished as you like. They had reasonable prices as well. http://kmhardwoods.com/